Founders of Fundación SOMOS: Lazaro Diaz, Cecilia Diaz and GiGi Diaz along with the board, are proud and happy for the great success of the first meeting of the SOMOS Literary Club. Thank you all for attending! Presenters during this inaugural meeting were the authors: Azucena Ordoñez-Rhodes, Carlos Artime, Yasmina Perez, and Luisa M Franco. Most of the writers who attended read some of his works. Recognition diplomas were awarded to the finalists of the competition to select the motto of the club. The motto selected is: WE ARE the power of the word! by the writer Luisa M Franco, who also presides over the literary club. We encourage all writers and lovers of literature to participate in the SOMOS Literary Club, the second Sunday of each month at 3PM. In: GiGis Academy 3800 W 12 Ave suite # 3 Hialeah FL 33012. If you want to integrate the club or exhibit your work, you should call 786 486 6795.