About Us

The SOMOS Foundation is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organization serving a growing number of children, young people, elderly, families, as well as other participants and wider audiences. The SOMOS Foundation impacts the lives of thousands of people annually with multiple activities in both English and Spanish. Psychoeducational services through consulting, workshops, conferences, fairs, courses; Some aimed at promoting comprehensive health for all ages.
Further We:

  • Manage community aid projects according to various needs.
  • Provide techniques to learn how to handle different situations of human life in their social relationships.
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Offer Artistic Shows
  • Scholarships and competitions with the aim of supporting and developing the talent of young people and adults.
  • Promotes opportunities and helps people both individually and in the family to develop skills to achieve the necessary understanding for the sake of a more just, peaceful and happy world.

All with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the people, and in different spheres both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; Gaining valuable intercultural learning experiences, and making a difference.

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To enable people to improve their quality of life and their understanding of the environment around them to act as responsible citizens with self-control, who work for the quality of family life, peace and understanding in a diverse and multicultural world.


We base our fundamental values ​​of dignity, respect for differences, harmony, sensitivity and tolerance. The purpose is to develop a healthier community prepared to face daily problems and build bridges between cultures and the understanding necessary to create a more just, peaceful and happy world.

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